2 July 2014

Recently, I had the pleasure to add to my growing Directing CV, and work with long time friend and all round beautiful man, Gavin McCleod (ECD at R/GA Sydney) on Telstra’s 2nd Chance Song campaign, featuring Bob Evans, formerly the front-man of Jebediah. Essentially, Telstra and EMI are allowing the song to be reinterpreted and a new version to be created by musical punters out there for a chance to be signed and released. The song chosen was ‘Don’t you think its time’ – a beautiful folk ballad.
It was a long loooong day (is anyone surprised these days!) shooting with a great crew in a cool club in Sydney, where we created the entire set from scratch. We then shot an interview with John O’Donnell (MD of EMI) as he was driving. We used everything from full-on fantastic lighting set ups (thanks Finbarr), 2 x 1DC’s, a Movi and rigs for 2 camera setups (external and internal) on a moving car, while capturing dialogue audio. It ended up being a two minute piece and we shot well over a terabyte due to the dual camera, 4K file size. Treatment wise, I pushed to keep it raw, rough and honest and the client understood and went for it. Well done to them, as it is Telstra after all. Enjoy.

Director: Adrian Brown
Executive Producer: James Whitehill (Maven Productions)
Producer: Matt Chee (Chee Productions)
DOP: Marcus O’Brien
Gaffer: Finbarr Collins
Editor: Chris Baron
Stylist: Cherith Crozier
Camera assist/2nd camera: Ryan Somerfield
Camera assist/digital/2nd Camera: John Kung