29 January 2016

4 x 30’s online motion pieces showing that PayPal is actually a minion that lives in your device and works for you. It was a crazy 3 day shoot with dogs, limos, big black dudes & small white peeps. I directed, co-wrote and shot stills. Sometimes I just sit back and wonder how the f#$k did we actually pull that off ?…then I realise its because we planned it to within an inch of its life … or we were just very lucky….lets go with a combo of both ;) It might have also had something todo with an amazing crew and cool peeps from Isobar (Sydney)
EP/Line Prod: Chee Productions, EP: James Whitehill, DP/Edit/Grade: Tim Glastonbury, 1st AD: Jose Marquina, Styling/Props: Jo Ayling, MU: Holly Anderson and crew and cast of many. Many thx guys