29 January 2016

4 x 30’s online motion pieces showing that PayPal is actually a minion that lives in your device and works for you. It was a crazy 3 day shoot with dogs, limos, big black dudes & small white peeps. I directed, co-wrote and shot stills. Sometimes I just sit back and wonder how the f#$k did we actually pull that off ?…then I realise its because we planned it to within an inch of its life … or we were just very lucky….lets go with a combo of both ;) It might have also had something todo with an amazing crew and cool peeps from Isobar (Sydney)
EP/Line Prod: Chee Productions, EP: James Whitehill, DP/Edit/Grade: Tim Glastonbury, 1st AD: Jose Marquina, Styling/Props: Jo Ayling, MU: Holly Anderson and crew and cast of many. Many thx guys

26 October 2014

For those of you who know me you will probably know I’m a little fanatical about great music and finding undiscovered musicians. William Crighton is a fantastic artist I met a year ago and I have admired his work ever since. So it seemed a natural progression that I wanted to tie some of my creative thinking in with his amazingly beautiful and powerful music. The result is this 3.43 minute one shot music video for the song ‘Woman like you’. We shot down in the small NSW country town of Junee using a Mövi and in 4k. I’m sure we can all appreciate the challenges associated with long single take shooting especially when combined with zero budget but regardless we had a stack of fun and the result is a great interpretation of a beautiful song, well I think it is. I’ll be honest though there are a few things I would do differently, possibly because I’m a bit of obsessive with detail but hey thats the whole idea of giving things a red hot go and learning lessons.
I hope you enjoy (can I suggest that you don a pair of headphones and click full screen :)

Many thanks go out to a fantastic crew:

Editor/Grade: Chris Baron (palefire.com.au/)
Stylist: Cherith Crozier (cherithcrozier.com)
DOP/Movi operator: Marcus O’Brien (indigozoom.com)
First AC/Digital: John Kung (johnkung.com)
Movi Assit: Luke Carroll (lucas767@live.com)
Make up: Jemima Seaman (jemimas89@gmail.com)
Location: Carol & Neil (Junee Chocolate Factory: greengroveorganics.com.au)

10 October 2013

Over the last few weeks I’ve directed a TVC for University of Tasmania (UTAS) down in Tassie (Bearnie/Launceston/Hobart)
The shoot went amazingly well and fun was had by all. We shot in one of my favorite styles: loose, run and gun and all on a Red (wow how fantastic is that)
Just wrapping up the edit so stay tuned for the results.
Below are some behind the scenes shots.

10 May 2013

Well it makes no sense but myself and a good friend decided that Sydney needed a classy dedicated photography gallery. So we made one and opened it in April 2013 and thus far have shows filling up the rest of the year. There seems to be a bit of a buzz around town about Black Eye Gallery!, feel free to come in and check it out: 138 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst.

20 August 2011

This backstage video is from our Tourism Northern Territory DARWIN shoot.  It was the first job that we had done for them through our new friend Richard Hollingum who is the  director of ‘Department of Doing’ their creative agency. A fantastic time time was had by all and the fun ranged from hanging out of helicopters to BBQ’ing at sunset on a 100 hundred year old pearl lugger.

5 July 2011

Well this was a surprise – Advertising photographer of the year – thats great…i think! What i was more excited about was that the Red Centre TV ad that we made got runner up in the Fusion category (Fusion= combining stills and motion techniques). What was interesting was that it received a mark of 85 (silver distinction) but the winning piece got a mark of 80…not sure how that works! But it was a great night and I feel very happy to be recognised by the AIPP.
Above is a pic from the stage (scarrrry!) and a pic of my new stage friends.